Photonics is a branch of science exploring technology related to visible light and other electromagnetic radiation. It focuses on the generation, manipulation and detection of light and offers solutions to various global challenges we are facing in the near future.

Finland has become one of the leading countries of photonics development and innovation in Europe. We have a great deal of expertise, particularly in imaging, microphotonics, nanophotonics and XR technology. The sector is seeing rapid growth and provides excellent international opportunities

Joensuu, Oulu and Tampere form the photonics ecosystem of the InnoCities. The urban network supports the growth of the sector’s businesses, international networking and foreign investments in Finland.

Joensuu specialises in forest bioeconomy, while Oulu specialises in health technology and Tampere in circular economy. The lead project for photonics is being implemented by Business Joensuu, Business Tampere and VTT Oulu.

Contact information:

Juha Purmonen
Project Manager, Business Joensuu
050 354 3832

Christina Liedert
Research Team Leader, VTT Oulu
040 513 389

Mika Kolari
Business Tampere
040 505 7464