Photonic and Optic Solutions in Healthcare 28.8.

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Welcome to Photonic and Optic Solutions in Healthcare – Seminar! The event is organized 28th of August 2024 at the Oulu University Hospital hosted by Innokaupungit and Photonic city ecosystem project and Oulu Health.

Time: 28th August 2024, 9-16
OYS Test Lab testausympäristö
OYS, Leivonkaari L3
Entrance LH

Participants will have unique opportunity to

  • Have guided tour in the future hospital
  • Hear about activities in medical imaging laboratory and Oulu test labs
  • Connect with business unit representatives from different cities
  • Hear about photonic applications used in Healthcare industry
  • Present your own technology to photonics community.
  • Learn how research organizations support photonic innovation
  • Be part of creation of Photonics roadmap to Finland.

Please find the registration link here:

Photonic and Optic Solutions in Health Care seminar (

Seminar Program

9.00 – 9.10 Welcome and introduction to Photonics city ecosystem project
Christina Liedert, Research Team Leader, medical devices and in vitro diagnostics, VTT
Executive Director of MedPhab Association

9.10-9.30 City of Oulu and Oulu Health activities
Minna Komu, Oulu Health Network Director

9.30-12.00 Tours
Future Hospital tour
Come and see how the smart hospital looks like! New Oulu university hospital aims to
be the smartest hospital in the world. With the newest technologies, modern facilities
and up-to-date expertise, OYS2023 will provide effective and influential care.
More info: OYS2030 eng – Oys 2030

Mittlab: Medical imaging teaching and test laboratory
Mittlab offers wide selection of tool for teaching, research and product development in
the field of medical imaging. Come and meet the experts behind the operation!
More info: Medical Imaging Teaching and Test Laboratory (Mittlab) | University of Oulu

11.30-12.30 Light lunch and networking

12.30-12.50 Photonics in Finland and Photonics roadmap
Juha Purmonen, Photonics business developer, Business Joensuu, Executive Director Photonics Finland

12.50-13.10 Pilot line support for research and development of photonic innovations
Jussi Hiltunen, Research Professor, VTT

13.10-13.30 Photonics and Medtech industry in Tampere
Maƫ Ehder-Gahm, Customer account lead, Business Tampere

13.30-15.00 Company presentations
Companies using optics and photonics, please let us know if you wish to present your company.
Already confirmed:Speaker and title to be confirmed later, Polar Electronics
Unlocking Precision in Cancer Therapy: Enhancing Cell-Based Treatments with BioNavis
MP-SPR Technology, Tommi Vaskivuo, BioNavis
Usability considerations in medical devices, Terhi Holappa, USBIMED

15.00-16.00 Coffee and networking

Registration link: Photonic and Optic Solutions in Health Care seminar (

Kuva: VTT

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