Twin transition of mobile work machines (SIX-PoE)

The mobile work machine sector is facing an accelerating shift towards a green and digital twin transition. The SIX Mobile Work Machine cluster, its roadmap for the future and the Platform of Excellence create the environment for Finland’s development into a pioneering country. The cluster is using the roadmap to bring together the top national and international experts and researchers to support the goals of the roadmap with the help of the Platform of Excellence (PoE) operating model.

The platform model, bringing together a wide range of actors, is a new way of coordinating and generating relevant, top-quality research and training at the national and global levels to attract new investments, experts and actors and to ensure the continued international success of the Finnish work machine industry.

The project is implemented by Business Tampere and Tampereen korkeakoulusäätiö. In addition to Tampere, the project and the national PoE core network are joined by clusters from Lappeenranta, Turku and Vaasa. Supplementary actors will also be selected for the network.

Contact information:

Heini Wallander, Business Tampere
p. 040 735 5177

Matti Vilkko, Tampereen yliopisto
p. 040 833 2830