The leading development themes of InnoCity Vaasa are Sustainable and smart energy systems.

The Vaasa energy technology cluster is strongly export-oriented and export sales account for up to 30% of Finland’s total energy technology exports. The goal of the city and region of Vaasa is to remain a significant energy technology innovation hub at a European level and to further increase its significance by 2030.

The City of Vaasa is committed to the goal of becoming carbon neutral during the 2020s. Achieving this goal requires close collaboration with industry and piloting and implementing new technologies and solutions.

Within the ecosystem agreement’s framework, specific areas of focus include the development of the innovation ecosystem, Invest In and system-level export operations, digitalisation and the circular economy and competence and the development of expertise.

The key areas of expertise of the EnergyVaasa ecosystem are smart grids, maritime industry solutions, sustainable energy production, energy efficiency and energy storage.

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