The leading development themes of InnoCity Tampere  are sustainable industry X (SIX), buildings, energy and infrastructure, and digital health solutions.
Sustainable industry X (SIX)

The aim is to be a technological pioneer, to strengthen RDI operations and to make extensive use of the sector’s appeal and expertise. Operations and activities include developing and implementing an extensive national network and roadmap, as well as making the national smart device ecosystem into a leading international concept.

Buildings, energy and infrastructure

There are innovation hubs for a sustainable built urban environment being developed in Hiedanranta. By creating a research and enterprise cluster that connects energy, construction and ICT sectors ambitious is, Tampere is aiming to carry out ambitious, carbon-negative district-level projects.

Digital health solutions

Tampere has a diverse health research, development and testing environment and a large business ecosystem for health technology and life sciences. Operations aim to develop the use of health data and the commercialisation of innovations.

Strengthening and evolving expertise in Tampere’s growth ecosystems will be a part of implementing the National Artificial Intelligence Programme, AuroraAI. The programme makes use of artificial intelligence to create the conditions for a human-centric society. The RDI platforms serve as a tool for marketing targeted at global competence clusters.

Tampere ecosystem agreement (In Finnish tem.fi) 

Contact information:
Jukka Järvinen, Director, Regional Development, Jukka.Jarvinen@tampere.fi,
Monna Salmi, Senior Specialist, monna.salmi@tampere.fi, p. 041 730 5606