Helsinki Metropolitan Area

The Helsinki Metropolitan Area has four leading development themes: smart and sustainable urban solutions, wellbeing and health technology, new learning environments and digital solutions of skills development.
Smart and sustainable urban solutions

This theme means developing smart and sustainable urban solutions in cooperation with cities, companies, higher education institutions and research institutes, as well as strengthening innovation and centres for excellence. The development work will result in new innovations and solutions that will support cities in achieving ambitious emission reductions while opening up new business opportunities for companies.

Wellbeing and health technology

Together with their partners, the cities of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area have built up development and experimentation environments related to wellbeing, health and health technology, as well as services that support early-stage business operations. New initiatives will be integrated into existing activities, and development projects can be connected to different city services in a variety of ways. These services can then act as development and experimentation environments.

New learning environments and digital solutions of skills development

The Helsinki Metropolitan Area has built up development and experimentation environments that are connected to schools and other learning environments and support the RDI activities of companies in the field. The theme supports the development and experimentation environments of cities and other operators and the development of new kinds of digital solutions for skills and educational practices.

The fourth development theme new openings and general ecosystem development aims to respond to emerging trends and to support the emergence of new growth sectors and clusters that are difficult to predict. The development of ecosystems helps to react to changes in the operating environment.

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Contact information:

PKS: Saana Rantsi, puh. 040 1699392
Espoo: Pekka Enroth, puh. 050 352 0060
Helsinki:  Suvi Hänninen,, puh. 040 627 9213   
Vantaa:  Fulvio Rizzo,, puh. 040 5467418