Exercise and well-being (Sport Finland)

The exercise and well-being sectors are seeing strong growth and benefitting from the opportunities created by digitalisation and new technology. The goal of the Sport Finland network is to develop Finland into an internationally recognised country of exercise and wellbeing innovations.

Data related to exercise and well-being, for example, offersconsiderable potential for business and research.

In the Sport Finland lead project, the Cities of Jyväskylä, Lahti and Kuopio set up an expertise network to strengthen the business prerequisites of the exercise, sport and well-being sectors as well as research and innovation activities. The other cooperation cities are Helsinki and Rovaniemi.

Sport Finland network (hhub.fi)

Contact information:

Alisa Heikkinen
Project Manager, Sport Finland Network
+358 406753066

Juha-Matti Haapsaari
Project Manager, Sport Finland Network
+358 44 482 6904

Hanna Hahl
Project Manager, Sport Finland Network
+358 44 718 2521