Digital health

Digital health and well-being technology

Quick changes are taking place in the sector of digital health and wellbeing. Technology and markets are developing rapidly, creating pressure to implement new digital solutions. International networking and strengthening cooperation in Finland are prerequisites for staying up to speed.

The project creates the prerequisites for launching an expertise network and its long-term resourcing, thus expediting the sharing of good practices and experiences, the creation of internationally funded cooperation projects and the growth of cross-border RDI investments.

The project assembles important support services for businesses, particularly meeting the needs of companies’ product development of digital solutions and introducing them to the market. Digital solutions may include mobile apps, digital therapy, remote technology, products based on AI algorithms, virtual reality headsets and robotics.

The project will be implemented by the University of Oulu, Oulu University of Applied Sciences, Turku University of Applied Sciences, Tampereen Korkeakoulusäätiö, Kuopio Health and Helsinki Partners Ltd.

Contact information:

Project Manager Veera Virta,

Jarmo Reponen