The leading development themes of InnoCity Seinäjoki are the sustainable regeneration of the food ecosystem and the intelligent regeneration of industry. 

The Seinäjoki region’s strengths include a strong tradition of entrepreneurship, multidisciplinary and broadly networked higher education operations and close cooperation.

Large, international food companies located in the region play a central role in reforming the business ecosystem and creating a startup culture. The aim is to sustainably reform the region’s food ecosystem and take it to a new international level.

Automation and digitalisation in the manufacturing industry will be strengthened, and operating conditions, such as sustainable logistics solutions and international business, will be developed.

Innovaatiotoiminnan ekosysteemi (In Finnish 

Ekosysteemikehittäminen – Seinäjoen Yliopistokeskus UCS  (In Finnish)

Seinäjoki’s ecosystem agreement (In Finnish 

Contact information:

Erkki Välimäki, Director of Development,, puh. 040 774 8331
Hannemari Niemi, Contact person for the coordination project, hannemari.niemi(at), puh. 040 145