The leading themes of InnoCity Pori are technology metals, circular economy and automation and robotics.

The Pori region is internationally recognised for its expertise in these fields. The processing of metals and the manufacture of metal products, machinery and equipment are pillars of the region’s economy. Automation and robotics expertise, in turn, enable the international growth of the technology industry.

Technology metals and circular economy

Local expertise is increased by growing RDI operations with the aim of creating an internationally significant and competitive investment environment.
Startups are warmly welcomed to the innovation ecosystem, and Pori’s industry is aiming to become emission-free. The goal is to build an internationally recognised research ecosystem by 2027.

Automation and robotics

The growing hub of automation, robotics and artificial intelligence companies in the Pori region offers solutions on a large scale at all levels of society and in all sectors. With the help of applied research and companies that serve as examples, the Pori region will become a European Industry 4.0 hub where you can find international-level references and top-level expertise for the application of automation and robotics solutions.

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Contact information:

Janne Vartia, Stakeholder Manager, janne.vartia@pori.fi, puh. 044 701 1191
Teemu Heino, Specialist, teemu.heino@pori.fi, puh. 044 701 8303