The leading development theme of InnoCity Mikkeli is the circular economy of the municipal water system.

Mikkeli is building a centre for excellence for blue bioeconomy – Blue Economy Mikkeli (BEM). BEM’s specialities are energy-efficient urban wastewater treatment, producing reclaimed water, recovering valuable fractions, halting the circulation of pollutants and the sustainable use of sludge.

The foundations of the BEM centre for excellence are the city’s new wastewater treatment plant and its RDI facilities as well as the RDI activities and well-equipped laboratories and pilot plants of LUT University and the South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences. BEM will offer companies the opportunity to safely test their equipment and solutions in an authentic and modern treatment plant environment. The BEM centre for excellence will also facilitate new business operations. Particular attention is paid to promoting the digitalisation of water supply.

The Blue Economy Mikkeli centre for excellence is part of the city’s strategic circular economy development platform, EcoSairila, which focuses on urban waste streams. The city and its partners provide a platform that companies can use to develop new business operations. The vision of the centre for excellence is to develop into the most well-known nationwide and internationally significant water hub, providing solutions to the world’s water problems.

Blue Economy Mikkeli (ecosairila.fi)

Innokaupunki Mikkeli (In Finnish mikkeli.fi)

Mikkeli’s ecosystem agreement (In Finnish tem.fi) 

Contact information:

Juha Kauppinen, Project Manager, juha.kauppinen@mikkeli.fi, puh. 040 162 6894