InnoCity Kajaani’s  leading development themes are measurement technology and measurements, high-performance computing, artificial intelligence and data centres.
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Measurement technology and high-performance computing are the strengths of the Kajaani region

The history of the measurement technology-based innovation ecosystem in Kajaani stretches back fifty years, when Kajaani Oy, a manufacturer of paper, lumber and pulp, started electronics production for sensor and automation technology in the paper industry. Over the decades, measurement technology research, training and business activities developed in the area. Kajaani’s business policy choices have supported the birth and development of the cluster.

CEMIS (Centre for Measurement and Information Systems) was founded in 2010 to strengthen the measurement technology expertise and cooperation in the Kajaani region. CEMIS is a contract-based research and training centre specialised in measurement and information systems. The centre is shared by the Universities of Oulu and Jyväskylä, Kajaani University of Applied Sciences, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and CSC – IT Center for Science. The main focus areas are measurement and testing solutions for the cleantech sector and for sports, well-being and health care, as well as the development of new business. Research is carried out in cooperation with industry operators, companies and municipalities. Research and development of performance sports and exercise is mainly carried out in Vuokatti, Sotkamo, where the Sports Technology Unit of the University of Jyväskylä is located. Sotkamo is involved in the ecosystem agreement with Kajaani.

The cleantech sector at CEMIS has strong expertise in on-line measurement solutions for the process industry, especially in the bioeconomy and mining sectors, as well as in environmental monitoring. They utilise new sensor solutions as well as game and simulation solutions in sports, well-being and health care.

The utilisation of data, data analytics and artificial intelligence is growing rapidly. CEMIS plays a significant role in Kajaani’s data ecosystem, which includes the LUMI EuroHPC data center, which houses one of the world’s most powerful supercomputers.

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Contact information:

Niina Ahtonen, Director, CEMIS – tutkimus- ja koulutuskeskus niina.ahtonen@cemis.fi, p. 040 0947118.
Risto Hämäläinen, Director of Development, risto.hamalainen@kajaani.fi, p. 044 710 0217