Photonics Industry grows fast in Finland – Estimated turnover exceeds two billion euros

Kuva fotoniikan alan sovelluksista
By global standards, Finland is especially good in optical imaging and sensors, micro- and nanophotonics, as well as lasers and XR technology.

Photonics studies light, matter and their interaction. In addition to the wavelengths of light visible to humans, photonics covers the whole spectrum of light, i.e. also ultraviolet and infrared light. Like these, the essential importance of photonics in everyday life solutions is largely hidden from our eyes.

According to the recent Photonics Industry in Finland survey, the industry’s estimated turnover in Finland already exceeds two billion euros.

Light in sight – the over two-billion-euro photonics industry has an impact on numerous solutions revolutionizing our everyday life – Photonics Finland

Joensuu has a major photonics ecosystem