Green electrification

Green electrification refers to replacing sources of energy derived from fossil sources with renewable alternatives, such as electricity, and deploying it in society from industry to transport.

The purpose of the Green Electrification project is to expedite the transfer of data between research, business, legislation and funding in a scientific manner. This also expedites investments and the development of the sector. The means of expanding green electrification include specifying subjects of research in green electrification, lowering the financing risk caused by uncertainty, sharing information between cities and other parties and promoting international networking.

The cities involved in the planning of the project are Oulu, Vaasa, Jyväskylä and Joensuu as well as Kokkola and Raahe.

The project will be implemented by LUT University and the University of Oulu

Contact information:

Eeva Lähdesmäki,
Project Manager, LUT University
+358 50 3326793